The Centre for Open Culture (COC) is a Pardubice city public organization. It was founded in 2018 to bring together the activities of the Divadlo 29 multi-genre cultural and production centre and the Pardubice City Gallery.  The COC’s vision is to present, develop and support contemporary professional and non-professional performing arts, visual arts, and literature in their widest possible interpretation, representing the broad spectrum of contemporary thought about these fields. Through its not-for-profit activities, it works for the development of cultural and artistic diversity in the Pardubice region, on improvements to the quality of life and cultural literacy of its people, so that creativity and the arts grow as an organic part of life of the city and region.

The COC works closely with Pardubice cultural non-profit organizations like Terra Madoda and Offcity on projects like Filmfuse, Offcity Architects and Islands in Motion. Every year the centre runs the Pardubice versions of the One World Film Festival and Tanec Praha contemporary dance festival.

Divadlo 29


Divadlo 29 was founded in 2002. Its programming is based around several year-long projects (Electroconnexion, Jazzconnexion, Etnoconnexion, Textconnexion, AniLab, and gallery programming in its Klub 29), each of which has its own clearly defined programming, continuity from year to year and a focus on artistic quality, innovation and topicality. Through Divadlo 29’s individual programs and projects the citizens of Pardubice and its environs can keep in contact with contemporary and living arts in a full spectrum of practically every form of contemporary artist expression. Activities also include production support and collaboration on the creation of new artistic works, the creation of space for communications, meetings and the instigation of cultural contacts and interaction.



The Pardubice City Gallery (known as Gampa in Czech) was founded in 2012 to enrich the city’s public space with a “kunsthalle” style exhibiting institution. The gallery presents visiting artists’ project, through whom we introduce both citizens and visitors with the current artistic, esthetic, and societal issues.Gampa ’s exhibition program is focussed on presenting the work of contemporary Czech visual artspersonalities in an international context. The gallery is focussed on installations from a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines from painting, sculpture and graphic arts to the presentation of studio drawings in process, exhibiting also photographs, objects, audio installations, architectural plans, experimental creation and new media works. An inseparable part of the gallery is its educational programs, working to convey contemporary art and current artistic and social themes to the general public.